What My Clients Say:

"Bryan identified some potential risk factors for our two athletic boys. Thanks to his insight and advice, we feel more confident they'll stay injury-free."--L.H.

My Philosophy

Here are a few key things I keep in mind with every client:

​Every Body Is Different

I tailor each training or fitness plan to suit your specific needs. I have extensive experience in a broad range of physical and manual therapies. That means I can assess your strengths and weaknesses from a variety of perspectives and identify the right approach, or combination of approaches, for you. When appropriate, I am happy to provide additional resources for guidance with surgery, sports medicine and alternative therapies. 

​It’s Never Too Late – or Too Early – To Start

No matter your age or fitness level, it’s never too late to improve your physical
conditioning. My personalized physical training programs help my clients live happier, healthier, more energized lives by focusing on strength, cardiovascular endurance, fat loss, injury prevention, flexibility and education. I extended my programs to include children and young athletes after realizing the long-term positive effects of early intervention. I offer age-appropriate education tools for corrective exercises and stretches, as well as manual therapies that are gentle yet effective for a developing body.

A 360-Degree View of Pain

I believe a multifaceted approach to managing or avoiding pain yields the best long-term results. Put it this way: Would you consider hiring a contractor whose only tool was a hammer? Too-narrow a focus may lead to short-term relief of a symptom, but long term relief requires being able to identify and treat the true underlying problem with the appropriate tools.

Real Healing Takes Time

I’ve had both injuries and surgeries, so I understand how frustrating it is to be in pain or have limited functionality. Despite what the health industry commercials want us to believe, there’s no quick fix for an injury, post-op recovery or chronic problem. Real healing takes time. The amount of time depends on your individual body structure, the nature of previous or existing injuries, your daily activity level, and your overall health and vitality.